Team TEF,

which is Travelers of Eastern Frontier

,locates in Shiretoko Shari, Okhotsk area of Hokkaido. Surrounding by nature of northern ground, we tried to build the oasis of travelers by our hands.

We need you!

Freelancers, remote workers, working holiday workers, surround Japan travelers must see!
Team TEF from Clione campground and onsen hotel in Shari Shiretoko Hokkaido is recruiting new partners!

Would you like to work in the place where everyone dreams to create a relaxing campsite? We are looking for the one who likes cooking, DIY projects, music, enjoying people.♪

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 ①TEF supporter (volunteer, helper) 《The one who would like to have a long stay, working holiday or remote work, travel》
Free accommodation ※Can stay in share house for free
②TEF support part-time
(①+part-time job)
《The one who would like to be half of work and half of travel, experience various of lifestyle here. 》
Free accommodation ※Can stay in share house for free with a little salary
③TEF regular part-time
(live-in part-time job)
《Works include both campsite and onsen hotel 》
live-in part-time job, over 3 months period, 4000~7000 Japanese yen per day
④TEF professional
《1 season job, with extra bonus in the end of the season》
As a management member from April to October with 80~150thousand Japanese yen pen month.

※Helping cleaning or caretaking simply for free accommodation.

The one who wants to run campsite or guesthouse in the future would be great to learn from here.

Our motto, “Happiness is everything.”, Clione campground is the place we live with everyone and dream to build a DIY world. There are lots of Hokkaido sightseeing spots, and plenty of travelers gathering here as a base. Try to go fishing, moutain climbing, camping, touring, having gourmet, and experiencing agricultural, meeting people and making your own memory.

Qualification requirement(required skill):”Smile” and “Energy” Feel free to contact us!

From TEF supporter HR management Zanka