About Clione campground,

Since 1997, Clione campground has been opened for 25 years. During this time, the generations have changed several times, and youth generation have taken over the operating and management of campground from 2020.

At first, our main guests were based on Hokkaido motorbike riders. But time changed, riders took their friends, families, and even guests from overseas, various kinds of travelers gathering here.
We, Clione campground would like to provide a place to satisfy all kinds of guests such as family groups, passing travelers, repeaters.

There are supermarkets, restaurants nearby, and is located in the location where is highly convenient to travel around eastern of Hokkaido.

Enjoy the glorious starry sky if the weather permits!



Terms of campsite using

Terms of garbage disposal

・Please purchase Shari-Cho garbage bags at the front.(trash bag/kitchen waste bag)
・Please dispose the garbage which is taken in from outside by yourselves.
・Though there are garbage cans set in several places in campsite, but please throw your garbage in garbage collection area.
・Please take off the labels and lids first before throwing PET bottles.
・Please consult with staff if you have plenty of kitchen refuse.


Terms of campfire

Open fire is forbidden in any area of campground.

・Please make a bonfire with a bonfire stand.(Rental)
・Please be careful of fire scattering.


Terms of pets

・All pets are not allowed off the lead.
・Please put your pet in the cage when being in bungalows or cottages.


Terms of smoking

・Smoking is forbidden indoor.
・Please use a ashtray when smoking outside.
・Please smoke in particular area if there is no ashtray.
・Please make sure not to annoy people around when smoking.


Terms of firework

・Please not to set off a firework after 9:00pm.
・Sky rocket is forbidden in campsite.
・Please make sure cleaning up completely after.